Battery Replacement

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Unpacking Your New Base -> Mobility Base Setup -> Battery Replacement -> Wireless Joystick -> SDK Setup -> Config -> Launch -> Mounting Baxter and Backpack -> Motion Demo -> Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

Open Main Circuit Breaker

CB ChargePort.jpg

  • Cut off power to the rest of the vehicle by fully depressing the red button on the circuit breaker.
  • Be sure that the battery charger is also disconnected from the charge port at this time.

Over View

  1. Remove Side Panels.
  2. Remove Outer Battery Baffles.
  3. Disconnect Battery Cables.
  4. Remove Batteries

Required Tools


  1. #2 Phillips Screwdriver.
  2. Extension (3" minimum).
  3. 7/16" Socket.
  4. Ratchet.

Remove Side Panels

Mb battScrews.JPG

  1. Remove the 6 black screws from each side panel using a #2 phillips screwdriver.

Remove Outer Battery Baffles


  1. Using 5/64" Alan Key, Remove the 4 Fasteners from each outer battery baffle (16 Fasteners Total).
  2. Set outer battery baffles aside.
  3. Make sure to retain all hardware, do not misplace.

Disconnect Battery Cables


  1. Using a 7/16 socket on an extension, remove fasteners from battery buds.
  2. Start with the main ground (black wires connecting to battery (-) terminal). Then remove other battery terminals.
  3. Be careful to avoid touching the Metal Ebox structure with the exposed Battery cable terminals and avoid touching cables together to prevent shorting of the batteries.

Battery Terminal Close-Up


Remove Batteries


  1. Slide batteries outwards.
  2. Take care not to allow battery studs to contact the ebox lid as it may result in shorting the battery.
  3. Install in reverse order.

Next Steps

Wireless Joystick