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The Birdcage enables mounting Velodyne VLP16 or R2000 (with 360° resolution) Lidars to the central point of the Mobility Base to achieve 360° view point.

Birdcage.jpg Birdcage2.jpg

Supported Lidars

  1. VLP16 [1]
  2. R2000 [2]

Any other LIDAR with 360° resolution may be supported.


The plastic base of the birdcage allow you to install the VLP16 and R2000 LIDARs easily with built in screw holes. Any other type of LIDARs can me mounted by creating screw holes on the plastic base align to, and in the size of, the LIDAR mounting holes.


The SDK looks for specific environment variables to check which Lidar accessories are installed. See Config.