Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

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It is possible to remotely control the embedded PC of Mobility Base via SSH and VNC. The user has complete access to the on board computer, and can choose to configure the Baxter Mobility Base as a slave to the master on Baxter, or run an independent master.

Configuring Network

Configure Mobility Base network, Baxter network and your remote computer network in the way that all device share same LAN network by setting Static IP and Sub-net mask or DHCP network. Make sure the Baxter and the mobility base connected over Ethernet. Baxter can be connected to the wireless Local network using an WiFi-Ethernet bridge. To connect to Remote computer you may need to connect the Mobility Base to the Local network over Ethernet cable.

Setting Static IP and Sub-net Mask

Connect to the Local Network over Ethernet. Mobility Base is pre-installed with Ubuntu OS. Follow the pages below to configure your network.

Network Configuration UBUNTU

Network Configuration WINDOWS-10

Ping to the Connections

To check , the network has been configured properly and the connection has been established properly we can use the command line script 'ping'. Self ping to check the network has been configured and static ip and subnet mask has been set correctly. Try pinging each machine to itself as example below.

 $ ping

Ros Master

Set the ROS Master URI on the .bashrc file by sourcing the scripts below on command line, this allows to know that which ROS machine is ROS Master.

$source export ROS_MASTER_URI = http://ip_address or host name/11311
eg: $source export ROS_MASTER_URI =
    &source export ROS_MASTER_URI = http://baxter/11311

Ros IP

Set the ROS IP on the .bashrc file by sourcing the scripts below on command line.

 $source export ROS_IP = ip address
 eg: $source export ROS_IP =

Time check and Synchronization

Time Check

Check time syncronization error with ROS master using NTP.

Time Synchronization

Syncronization time with ROS master using NTP.

Below links will guide you how to do time check and time synchronization.

Time Check

Time Sync