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Status Light

Light Status
1 Blink Enabled (accepting commands)
2 Blinks Disabled (by wireless)
3 Blinks E-Stop pressed
4 Blinks Low battery limp-home
5 Blinks Critically low battery
6 Blinks Motor Fault
Solid Off Bootloader Mode or Power Off



Buzzer Status
Single Beep Ready / E-Stop Disengaged / Bumper Action
3 Hz Beep Low battery limp-home. Motion limited to wireless.
6 Hz Beep Critically low battery. Motion disabled. Shutdown after 60 seconds.

Diagnostics GUI

Launch (rqt) and load the 'Mobility Base GUI' plugin.

DiagnosticsGuiManual.png Configuration.pngWaketime.png

Verify Joystick is Connected

Joystick Pairing.png

Verify that "Joystick Bound" is shown in the Joystick panel. If not, attempt re-pairing the joystick as shown here