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Unpacking Your New Base -> Mobility Base Setup -> Battery Replacement -> Wireless Joystick -> SDK Setup -> Config -> Launch -> Mounting Baxter and Backpack -> Motion Demo -> Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

Connect E-Stop


  • The E-Stop must be connected for the robot to work.
  • Without Baxter, the E-Stop can be mounted to the base using the supplied bracket.
  • With Baxter and the Backpack, the E-Stop is mounted to the Backpack

Power On Robot


  1. Push the E-Stop in to prevent motion.
  2. Power on the circuit breaker by sliding the red lever in.
  3. Check the status light. The status light should blink 3 times for the 'E-Stop pressed' status code.


  1. Make sure the wireless joystick is either off, or in the disabled position.
  2. Twist the E-Stop to enable the robot.
  3. The robot should beep once.
  4. Check the status light. The status light should blink 2 times for the 'Disabled' status code.


When finished with the robot. Make sure to shut off the circuit breaker by pressing the red button. This will disconnect the battery from the rest of the system. The charging port remains operational regardless of the state of the circuit breaker.

Next Steps

Battery Replacement