Mounting Baxter and Backpack

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Mobility Base Setup -> Battery Replacement -> Wireless Joystick -> SDK Setup -> Config -> Launch -> Mounting Baxter and Backpack -> Motion Demo -> Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

Mounting Baxter On Mobility Base

The link "Mounting Baxter" explains how to mount Baxter on any surface. Mobility base has already built in mounting profile with 4 screw holes as shown. So the instructions starting from step 2 in the above link explains how to mount baxter on surface like mobility base profile.

MB BXTRmounting Profile.jpg

Note: Instead of the hex head cap screws provided in the baxter package, you can use the 4 hex head cap screws which is longer in dimension provided with the baxter mobility base package.

Mounting Back Pack



Backpack ovrview.png

Kit Contents

Kit Contents.png

  1. Main Support Panel.
  2. Left L-Bracket.
  3. Right L-Bracket.
  4. Keyboard Tray (With Brackets).
  5. Monitor Bracket.
  6. Outlet Adapter*.
  7. U-Bolt Mounting Kit x 4.
  8. Extension Cable*.
*U.S Version Only.

Monitor Bracket to Main Support Panel


  • Using the hardware in the 4 mounting holes, secure the monitor bracket to the main support panel at whichever height is preferred.
  • Black-Oxide Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw, 18-8 Stainless Steel, 8-32 x 1/2".

U-Bolt Bracket Overview


  1. Rubber Bushing.
  2. Threaded U-Bolt.
  3. Equalizer Plate.
  4. Hex Stand-off x 2.
  5. Button-Head Fasteners.

U-Bolt Bracket Placement

UBolt Place.png

  • The U-Bolt brackets support the four corners of the main support plate and secure the backpack to Baxter's tubular frame.

Fit Rubber Bushings


  • Spread the rubber bushing over the tube.
  • Position backwards for easier installation of the threaded U-Bolt later.

Fit Threaded U-Bolt

Fit ThreadedU-Bolt.png

  • Press threaded u-bolt through the groove of the rubber bushing so that the contour of the bushing matches the contour of the threaded u-bolt.
  • Push the threaded u-bolt on until it bottoms out on the rubber bushing.

Fit Equalizer Plate


Fit Hex Stand-offs

10. FitHexStand-Offs.png

  • Fit each hex stand-off on the threaded u-bolt.
  • Do not tighten at this time as they will be tightened in a later step.

Repeat for Other 3 U-Bolt Brackets


  • Repeat the previous steps to fit the other remaining u-bolt brackets.

Fit Main Support Plate to Hex Stand-offs


  • With an assistant, raise the main support plate and align the mounting holes of the main support plate with the U-bolt brackets.
  • Using the button-head fasteners, fit the main support plate to each hex stand-off.
 -Black-Oxide 18-8 SS Button-Head Cap Screw, 1/4"-20 x 3/4" 
  • Do not torque the fasteners yet until after the backpack is adjusted for leveling.

Level The Backpack on Baxter

13. Level.png

  • Raise and lower the U-bolt brackets to level the backpack assembly with respect to Baxter.
  • Then proceed to tightening the hex-standoffs by hand, and then tighten the button- head fasteners using a 5/32 " hex key.

Mount Inverter


  • Using the hardware in the four mounting holes, secure to the main support plate.
 - 18-8 Stainless Steel Truss Head Phillips Machine Screw, Black-Oxide 8-32 x 3/8"

Plug in Outlet Adapter (U.S. Only)


  • Plug the extension cable into the outlet adapter.
  • Plug the other end into inverter.

Power Harness to Inverter


  • connect harness from the INVERTER POWER port on the back of the mobility base to the input of the inverter.

Remote Harness to Inverter


  • Connect harness from INVERTER REMOTE on the back of the mobility base to the remote input on the top of the inverter.

Connect Baxter E-Stop


  • Connect the DB15 section of the e-stop harness to the baxter I/O port.

Connect Mobility base E-Stop


  • Connect the two position connector to the E-Stop port on the rear of the mobility base.

Connect Baxter Power

ConnectBaxterPwr1.png ConnectBaxterPwr2.png

Verify E-Stop Function

  • Check operation of E-Stop before operating vehicle.
    -Depress the E-Stop switch until it clicks
    -Turn the mobility base ON using the circuit breaker
        * The vehicle should not move at this time; even when commanded with remote
        * If for any reason the vehicle attempts to move while the e-stop is depressed, cut off main power using the circuit breaker and do not operate the vehicle untill the issue has been resolved.
    -Twist the E-Stop until it releases
        * An audible beep will indicate the vehicle is ready.
        * The vehicle is now operational.

Verify Inverter

  • Turn the power switch located on the top of the inverter to the ON position.
    -The Green light should illuminate accompanied by a short audible beep on the inverter.
    -If the inverter low voltage warning is active, check the battery voltage and charge batteries as necessary
        * Check battery voltage by measuring the voltage across the two input terminals on the bottom of the inverter. 

Baxter is ready to use

Final BackPack.png

Next Step

Motion Demo