Unpacking Your New Base

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Unpacking Your New Base -> Mobility Base Setup -> Battery Replacement -> Wireless Joystick -> SDK Setup -> Config -> Launch -> Mounting Baxter and Backpack -> Motion Demo -> Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

Opening the Crate

shipping crate

Tools Required

tools required
  • Blue Handled Pry Tool (Secured to outside of crate)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 15mm Wrench or Socket

Remove Pry Tool From Crate

Remove the screw that holds the tool down using a #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Pry tool unscrew.jpg

Remove Top Panel From Crate

Insert the pry tool under the securing clip where the raised guides are located

Pry Bar Inserted.jpg

Rotate the pry tool to lift the securing clip from the groove

Pry Bar Pry.jpg

Repeat for remaining 7 clips on top of crate

Remove Packaged Items From Upper Portion of Crate

Remove the boxes from the crate and set aside

Remove Sides From Crate

  1. Use pry tool to remove the 16 remaining securing clips from the crate
  2. Remove the sides from the crate taking care not to bump into anything

[image] carefully lifting side out of the way

Remove the Shelf From Crate

Using the 15mm wrench, loosen the Metric 10mm Bolts that secure the shelf to the Mobility Base

[image] wrench on a bolt

With the help of an assistant, carefully lift the shelf off the Mobility Base and set the shelf aside

[image] two people holding the shelf elevated off the mobility base

Reconnecting Batteries (For Non-U.S. Customers)

For U.S. customers, proceed directly to next section

For Non-U.S., due to air freight the batteries inside the Mobility Base were disconnected and protective caps placed on the posts of the batteries to prevent accidental shortage. Because of this, the batteries will have to be reconnected before the Mobility Base is operational.

Tools Required

battery connection tools
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 7/16” Socket
  • Extension for socket
  • Ratchet
  • Volt Meter

Open Circuit Breaker

Verify the circuit breaker is opened before performing any service to the Mobility Base Open the circuit on the circuit breaker by pressing the red button on the top of the breaker until the reset lever is fully extended

Open Breaker.jpg

Remove eBox Side Panels

Remove the two black plastic panels covering the batteries. The panels located on the left and right side of the Mobility Base. To aid in identifying the side panels, the ID sticker is located on the outside of the right-side panel. Remove the panels by unfastening the 6 Phillips screws in each panel.

Mb battScrews.JPG

[image] side panel removed

Remove Protective Stud Covers on Battery and Install Battery Cables

There are plastic nuts that secure the plastic covers on each battery terminal

Battery Cap.jpg

Using the 7/16” socket on the extension remove the plastic nut and front-most cap

  • Do not discard the plastic nut or cap

Each Battery Cable is labeled 1-4. Complete the following steps for each cable; starting with 1 and ending with 4. [image] Battery Cables With Clear Markings

  • Install the battery cable on the newly exposed stud. Secure the battery cable not with the plastic nut, rather with the lock nuts provided in the tool kit. Tighten to approximately 15Nm (11 ft.lbs).
    • Be careful to avoid touching the Metal eBox structure with the exposed Battery cable terminals and avoid touching cables together to prevent shorting of the batteries.

[image] cable attached to Battery Stud

  • Repeat for remaining battery studs & cables
  • Using a volt meter set to measure DC voltage, measure the voltage across battery cable 1 & 4
    • The voltage should read around 24VDC
    • If the voltage reads closer to 12VDC double check the battery connections and correct as necessary
  • Once the connections check out, reinstall the side panels

Remove Mobility Base From Crate

There are two different ways the base can be removed from the crate: driving the Mobility Base from the crate (recommended) or lifting the Base from the crate

Driving the Mobility Base from the Crate

Set up The Ramp On Crate

Install the ramp inserts on the inside of one of the crates side panels

  • the side panel to use will have extra grooves cut on the inside of the panel

[image] ramp assembly and setup

Power-On Base

  • Mount & Plug in E-Stop [image] of e-stop plugged in and mounted
  • Close Main Breaker [image] main breaker closed
  • Press E-Stop [image] pressing e-stop
  • Press Power Button [image] of power button
  • Turn on Joystick Remote [image] annotated image
    • Make Sure Set to “Manual” [image] (WIKI NEEDS NEW IMAGE)
    • Left lever to “Enable” [image] Annotated image

Release E-Stop

Rotate red button 90 degrees clockwise to release E-Stop

Drive Mobility Base Down Ramp

  • Rotate Mobility Base 90 degrees
  • Carefully Drive the Mobility Base down the ramp
    • Do not attempt to drive the Mobility Base off the crate without the ramp as damage to the plastic wheel covers and bumper switches may result

Lifting the Mobility Base from the Crate (not recommended)

Lifting the Mobility Base is not recommended as it is very heavy. If the Mobility Base must be lifted, four people are recommended to support the weight. Each person can take a corner and lift the Mobility Base from the legs. Each person will have to lift around 80 lbs.

Next Steps

Mobility Base Setup