IO Connectors

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Io connectors.jpg

Ethernet Port


  • Internally connected to a GigE switch

Video Ports


  • Allows to connect to display over DVI or Dispaly port.
  • The DVI connector is type DVI-D, which cannot be converted to VGA.
  • The mini Display Port connector can be converted to many display types.

Inverter Connectors


  • These connectors are connected to the inverter (from the backpack) with the cables provided.

E Stop Connector

E stop.jpg

  • Connect to the E-Stop button with the cable provided.



  • There are five USB 3.0 connections. Two are directly connected to the on-board computer, three are connected to a USB hub.

12V DC

12V DC.jpg

  • 12V DC power supply.



Charging Port

Charging port.jpg

  • Connect to the provided charger to charge the batteries