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Unpacking Your New Base -> Mobility Base Setup -> Battery Replacement -> Wireless Joystick -> SDK Setup -> Config -> Launch -> Mounting Baxter and Backpack -> Motion Demo -> Connecting to Baxter and/or Remote Computer

Mobility Base

roslaunch mobility_base_bringup mobility_base.launch
  • Launches all drivers: Mobility Base, Floor Camera, Accessory Lidars
  • No other launch files on this page are required
  • Accessories require environment variable configuration

Mobility Base Driver

roslaunch mobility_base_bringup mobility_base_driver.launch
  • URDF parameter description of the Mobility Base
  • Modified URDF parameter description of Baxter with out the pedestal
  • Node interface to vehicle: motors, IMU, bumpers
  • Robot State Publisher: broadcast joint positions on the /tf topic

Floor Camera Driver

roslaunch mobility_base_bringup floor_camera.launch
  • Camera driver
  • Image processing pipeline with image_proc
  • QR code detection

Next Steps

Mounting Baxter and Backpack